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Here at Getman & Biryla, LLP, we are committed to providing a broad spectrum of services to our clients throughout Buffalo, NY and the surrounding areas. We have been attending to our clients' business and personal needs since 1927.

When you need a commercial attorney or real estate attorney, you can trust Getman & Biryla, LLP for legal services. Our team offers a complete range of commercial law, real estate, and probate practice law services. If you own a business, you may want to have an experienced business attorney on retainer or you might need a legal contract created. Our legal team can help with all of your businesses legal needs, including construction litigation.

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If you are in the Buffalo, NY area and need a real estate attorney, corporate attorney, contract lawyer, elder law attorney, collection attorney, commercial attorney, or business attorney, then make sure you call Getman & Biryla, LLP today!

All of our legal services, including construction litigation and our probate practice, ensure that we can represent you, your interests, family, or business with professionalism and care. We have proudly served the community of Buffalo, NY for generations. We would be more than happy to represent you, and help you with your legal needs. Click here to get in contact with our team.  

It has been said that "If you are standing still, you are going backwards." We have no intention of doing either as we grow into this century.


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